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New York African Film Festival

This year's NYAFF has these films from the diaspora:

In the Eye of the Spiral,  USA/Haiti/UK, 2014
May 8 at Lincoln Center
In the Eye of the Spiral details an artistic and philosophical movement born in Haiti called Spiralism, which has spread across the arts, touching upon spirituality and even politics. Featuring narration by Annie Lennox and the music of Brian Eno, the film sheds light on the state of a country hit by corruption and natural disaster, and the incredible will of Haitian artists who produce art as a personal form of redemption and survival. 

Do Outro Lado Do Atlântico, (The Other Side Of The Atlantic), Brazil 2016
May 15 at Maysles Cinema
The Other Side of the Atlantic builds a bridge in the ocean that separates Brazil and Africa. The film tackles cultural exchanges, beliefs, prejudice and dreams built on both sides of the Atlantic through the life stories of students of African descent living in Brazil.

Tchindas,  Spain/Cape Verde, 2015
May 15 at Maysles Cinema
Within a small, tropical Cape Verdean Island, the beloved Tchinda is hard at work preparing for a Carnival she hopes will capture the town’s imagination. Despite her great reputation, Tchinda remains humble and every afternoon she happily tours the neighborhood to sell her best “coxinhas”, a classic Brazilian treat: delicious fried balls of chicken. Filmmakers Marc Serena and Pablo García Pérez de Lara have crafted a lush, perceptive documentary that at times feels akin to a fairy tale. The film reveals a hidden landscape tucked far away from the world we know, where trans inclusion and teamwork make up the fundamental structure of a truly magical community and culture.

Yemanjá: Wisdom From The African Heart Of Brazil, USA/Brazil, 2015
May 8 at Lincoln Center
A documentary film about the Candomblé spiritual tradition in Bahia, Brazil, a vibrant African-derived culture which evolved from slavery’s brutal past. Elder women leaders tell stories of Candomblé’s history, social challenges and triumphs, grounded in strong community, and Earth-based wisdom and practice. 

New York: May 8 - 15 (Festival itself runs May 1 - 30). Full lineup and details here.


Earlier Event: May 5
Later Event: May 11