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Tiempo de morir (Time to Die)

From 1966. Back from an 18-year stretch in the pen for murder – or was it? – Jorge Martinez de Hoyos (chief villager in the original Magnificent Seven) returns to his native village to reclaim his mother’s home – the door falls off – and saddle; for the job and horse he was promised once released; and to seek out old flame Marga López (star of Buñuel’s Nazarin and Mexican acting legend) – did she wait for him? But the two sons of the man he killed, one increasingly almost reasonable, the other eaten alive by dreams of vengeance, have been counting the days. From an original story by Colombian expat and former film critic – and later Nobel laureate – Gabriel García Márquez (One Hundred Years of Solitude), and co-written with iconic Mexican novelist/essayist Carlos Fuentes (The Death of Artemio Cruz, The Old Gringo), who “Mexican-ized” Márquez’s dialogue, this was the directing debut for then-21-year-old Ripstein, future director of Deep Crimson and Hell Without Limits.

Chicago: Dec. 4 as part of Siskel Film Center's On Location series.

Earlier Event: December 1
Rosa Chumbe