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Sueño en otro idioma (I Dream in Another Language)

University researcher Martin (Fernando Alvarez Rebeil) turns up in a small jungle settlement in Mexico’s Vera Cruz province in search of the two remaining speakers of the Zikril language. They are two elderly men, Isauro (Manuel Poncelis) and cantankerous Evaristo (Eligio Melendez), living with his granddaughter Lluvia (Fatima Molina). Martin wants to record Isauro and Evaristo in conversation, but unfortunately for him, the old men haven’t spoken to each other for 50 years, and aren't about to start now.

Los Angeles: Opens August 4 at Laemmle Music Hall.
New Orleans: Opens August 11 at Zeitgeist Arts Center.
New York: Opens July 28 at Quad Cinema

Earlier Event: July 26
Later Event: July 28
Dance of Reality