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Es por tu bien (It's for Your Own Good)

Arturo (José Coronado), Chus (Javier Cámara), and Hipólito –Poli-  (Roberto Álamo) are three brothers-in-law whose peaceful and happy existence is suddenly sent into shock when Valentina (Silvia Alonso), Arturo and Isabel's (Pilar Castro) daughter, decides last-second to abandon her fiancé, Agustin, at the altar in order to run off with Álex (Miki Esparbe), a young perroflauta and anarchist, whose free ideals and liberal mindedness the conservative Arturo directly opposes. Chus and his wife Olga (Maria Pujalte) discover that their daughter Marta (Georgina Amoros) is dating Dani (Miguel Bernardeau), a broke, troublemaking pothead; and Poli realizes that his daughter, Sarai (Andrea Ros) has started dating Ernesto (Luis Mottola): a playboy who works as an “artistic” photographer, and one of Poli’s former schoolmates. Determined to end their daughters’ relationships with the belief that Álex, Dani, and Ernesto aren't good for their lovely, fragile daughters, Arturo, Chus, and Poli secretly develop a scheme to stop all three relationships good and for all.

Miami: Playing now at Tower Theater Miami.

Earlier Event: June 2
Later Event: June 4
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