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Rigoberto Perezcano’s debut feature, Norteado, follows Andres as he travels from Oaxaca to Tijuana to cross the US border. Things don’t result as planned and he has to stay in Tijuana where he starts working in a grocery store, there, he meets Elia, Cata and Asensio. What Andres finds in Tijuana makes him think about what he’s about to do and become aware of what he’s leaving behind. Despite the difficulty of the film’s subject matter, Perezcano’s ability to find humor in the absurd provides relief as we accompany Andres in his latest attempt to make it to the other side. Norteado talks about the illusion that the United States represent for those who decide to cross the border searching for a better life.

San Francisco: June 17 at the Roxie. Followed by a Skype Q&A with writer and producer Edgar San Juan.

Earlier Event: June 16
Later Event: June 18
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