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Marin County's documentary film festival offers two films of interest:

Bosque de Niebla (Cloud Forest) (Mexico, 2017)
The Mexican state of Veracruz is home to one of the country’s most biodiverse regions, the cloud forest, a type of tropical rainforest so called because the region is usually covered in mist. But its ecosystem is fragile, endangered by cattle ranches, coffee cultivation, cutting and climate change. Here, amidst the creaking trees, buzzing bugs, and blooming tropical flowers, Mónica Álvarez Franco’s debut feature documentary captures the immersive beauty and serenity of a natural oasis and the efforts by a small local community to salvage and restore it in the face of ecological threats. Working together as a cooperative using traditional farming methods, they are striving to create a simple and sustainable way of life. In school, students learn the principles of sustainability, such as rotating crops, rationing water, ethical decision-making, and sharing abundance.

My Bolivia, Remembering What I Never Knew (USA, 2016)
California-born filmmaker Rick Tejada-Flores unravels the myths and realities of his family history in Bolivia, the country where his father was born and his grandfather was President during the bloodiest war in Latin American history. This fascinating journey, rich in archival footage, family photos and his journalist mother’s letters, sets the stage for mysteries to be solved after the shocking discovery of many skeletons in the family closet. As landowners, his family was among the political elite, but during Marxist revolutionary times a land reform was enacted by a previously unknown relative that stripped the family of its estates. An award-winning producer and director, Tejada-Flores has made a career of preserving the stories of Latino icons including labor organizer Cesar Chavez (The Fight in the Fields, 1997) and artist Jose Clemente Orozco (Orozco: Man of Fire, MVFF 2006). With My Bolivia, he now turns his camera on himself.

Marin County: May 10 - 14. Full lineup and details here.

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