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Miami Film Festival

Miami Film Festival always has a strong selection of Ibero-American films. Here are two to watch out for; check out their website for more.

Eso Que Llaman Amor (That Thing Called Love), Colombia 2016
Camila must contend with long-stifled emotions when she learns the cemetery where her son’s ashes are kept has been condemned. Erika is on the cusp of leaving for Spain to start a new life with her daughter when a meeting with a client yields a startling surprise. Marlon and The Happy Girl are street performers whose makeup and costumes shield their troubled true identities. This enchanting anthology film from Colombian writer-director Carlos César Arbeláez offers a trio of beguiling tales, each originating on Mother’s Day at the same Medellín coffee shop—each offering delight and catharsis in their disparate ratios.

Santa & Andres, Cuba 2016
Set in 1983, the second feature from Cuban writer-director Carlos Lechuga (Melaza) chronicles an encounter between Andrés, a novelist ostracized for his “ideological problems” and his sexuality, and Santa, a woman charged with keeping this ostensibly dangerous dissident from disrupting a political event and gaining the attention of the foreign press. Santa & Andrés is at once intimate and expansive, a chamber drama whose central action is a dialogue between two souls on either side of a profound cultural divide. Proximity inevitably prompts captive and warden to realize how much they have in common—and how completely the last six decades have affected the Cuban psyche.

Miami: March 3 - 12. Full lineup and details here.

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