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Alternative Fiction Festival

This festival includes two films of interest:

Sueño en otro idioma (I Dream in Another Language), Mexico 2017
A linguist (Fernando Álvarez Rebeil) travels to an isolated Mexican village to study a nearly dead language, but finds that its only two speakers (Manuel Poncelis and Eligio Melendez) refuse to converse with each other due to an ancient grudge. In time, the researcher works to reunite the duo in the hope of preserving their native tongue, and learns more about the language's mysteries in the process. Directed by Ernesto Contreras.

Telefóto, USA 2017
In this unusual ghost story, a working class family of artists reckon with the gentrification of their neighborhood. They are people of an older Oak Cliff (a borough of Dallas, Texas) who cannot afford the new. When the connection between history, possibility, and place is severed, the situation is like living in a ghost world. In this poetic film, the topical coexists with the metaphysical; just as the family is haunted by the higher cost of living, they are visited by troublesome ghosts.

Dallas: Nov. 2 - 5. Full lineup and details here.

Earlier Event: November 1
Denver Film Festival