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First Look 2017

MOMI's annual series of new cinema offers two films of interest:

Atentamente (Sincerely), Colombia 2016
The setting of this delicate and deeply moving film is a retirement home where we follow two elderly residents, Libardo and Alba. Within the simple setting, the film captures the quiet activity of daily life that is pervaded by memories. As time passes, punctuated by the romantic lyrics of songs on the radio, or the dialogues of the telenovelas that the residents are watching, a love story emerges between Libardo and Alba, and the man’s quest to gather the 15,000 pesos needed to allow them a double bed in their own room. 

Silencio, France/Portugal 2016
The whole film takes place in a few large rooms of a once-glorious palace. Within this setting, a group of homeless men and women create a theater space, and share their stories. The film evokes, at times, historical paintings, and works by Samuel Beckett and Luis Buñuel. Ultimately, the film allows its subjects to reveal their deepest feelings and their inner beauty. 

New York: Jan. 6 - 16 at Museum of the Moving Image.

Later Event: January 6
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