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El Alien y Yo (Me and the Alien)

A crowd-pleasing comedy and love story with the year’s best comeuppance plot, this sneaky little film gooses the old theme of a rock band’s rise and fall with some audacious twists, a cast made in heaven, and a unique take on diversity. A struggling punk band gets more than they bargained for when they hire Pepe (de la Fuente) a Down syndrome keyboardist, snarkily nicknamed The Alien by Lauro (Campa), the band’s founder and lead singer. To the shock of the preening front man and the delight of his bass player girlfriend Rita (de Tavira), Alien’s out-of-this world tunes are the key to fame and a crafty top-notch manager. Jealous efforts to put the new star attraction in his place go humorously and satisfyingly awry, leaving the effortlessly subversive Alien with a winning hand. Special appearances include Café Tacvba’s Meme del Real and rocker Jessy Bulbo, showcasing Mexico City’s alternative rock scene.

Chicago: Opens Jan. 13 at Siskel Film Center.

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Later Event: January 13
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