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No Borders: Contemporary Latin American Cinema

This series looks at fourteen Latin American films made from the early 1980s, when many countries in the region were transitioning to democracy after long periods of dictatorship, through the present day. A couple highlights are below; see the website for the full lineup.

El Olvido (Oblivion), Peru, 200
The film takes us to the forgotten city of Lima, to a forgotten people, the Peruvians, and the forgotten land of Peru. It is a film about poverty and poetry in a country plundered by the powerful and a film where the powerless resist being consigned to oblivion.

Suite Habana (Havana Suite), Cuba, 2003
a Cuban filmmaker brings us a new portrait of his beloved city, Havana. Focusing on ten people, Fernando Pérez creates a rich mosaic composed of bits and pieces of their lives in the course of only one day, from sunrise until late at night. His portraits of these people, nearly all of whom are economically poor, make us feel that we know them or would like to. These are no talking heads telling us about their lives. Their expressive faces and bodies in motion reveal even more than words might

Chicago: Sept. 3 - Dec. 13 at Siskel Film Center. Tuesday screenings accompanied by lectures.

Earlier Event: September 2
White Girl