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Brooklyn Film Festival

This year's Brooklyn Film Festival offers shorts from Mexico, Peru, Brazil, and the US in addition to a Cuba-set American film. Here's a couple highlights:

Forbidden Cuba, USA/Cuba
Gil Bigelow, an American businessman, is sent on a covert mission to Cuba to find an executive gone rogue and plant the seeds for future business expansion. On arrival, Gil quickly gets swallowed in the unknowns of Havana. Traveling deeper into the island, he's stripped of his routines, gadgets and bearings, and finds his eyes opened to the beauty and vibrant culture of Cuba - challenging his corporate directives, his identity and everything he's known. 

Revoltoso, Mexico
Revoltoso is a stop-motion short film that tells the story of a little one-eyed boar who lives in Don Gonzalo's hacienda during the Mexican Revolution in 1913. Don Gonzalo, an avid follower of the recent exiled president, Porfirio Di­az, uses the strength of his wild boars to enforce his will. A photographer is hired to film and document his regime. The Revolutionary Army attacks the hacienda in order to reclaim the land to the workers. In the midst of this battle, the little boar is brought closer to the film camera and must decide what to do with it. 

Brooklyn: June 3 - 12. Full lineup and details here.

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