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Loosely based on “The Taming of the Shrew,” ENAMORADA was directed by Emilio Fernández, a major auteur of Mexico’s Golden Age (roughly 1935 to 1960), and photographed by Gabriel Figueroa, one of cinema’s greatest cinematographers. Part drama and part romantic comedy, it is set during the Revolution and tells the story of a rebel general, José Reyes (Pedro Armendáriz), whose troops occupy the town of Cholula. He falls for the daughter of a wealthy landowner, Beatriz (the inimitable María Félix), despite the fact that the upper class is unsympathetic to the rebels’ cause and that she is engaged to an American (Eugenio Rossi). The local priest (Fernando Fernández, the director’s step-brother), an old friend of the general’s, tries to mediate between the fiery Beatriz and the headstrong Reyes during their rocky courtship. A certified Golden Age superstar, María Félix is a commanding screen presence and well matched with Pedro Armendáriz, a top leading man in Mexican films who would also appear in several American movies.

Austin: April 3. Full details here.