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Blast Beat

Blast Beat is a coming-of-age short film with some comedy thrown in the mix set in the year 2000 about CARLY and MATEO. The brothers and their family are Colombian undocumented immigrants who have been living in the U.S. for only a year and are in the middle of a difficult and painful cultural transition. Nelly, The boys’ mother, is having an affair with a man they know from church, and what’s even worse their role-model father, Ernesto, has been suddenly picked up by the Immigration Police and is getting deported! When the news of the deportation comes to light, Mateo tries to carry out a crazy plan that would reunite him with his father. 

Ashland, OR: April 8 - 11 as part of the Ashland Independent Film Festival.
Chicago: April 10 & 11 as part of the Chicago Latino Film Festival. 
Palm Beach: April 6 - 14 as part of the Palm Beach International Film Festival.