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Tribeca Film Festival

Several Latin American films are included in this year's Tribeca Film Festival. Here's a couple - check out their site for more.

 El Charro De Toluquilla (The Charro of Toluquilla), Mexico, Documentary
Jaime García appears to be the quintessential macho Mariachi. With a life full of women, alcohol and music, his evenings are spent as a charming, talented troubadour at local watering holes and his days on the ranch, blissfully caring for his beloved horses. But he is also a man who struggles to maintain a relationship with his frequently estranged young daughter and her stringent, religious mother and most imperatively, to live a healthy life as an HIV-positive man.

Califórnia, Brazil, Fiction
The year is 1984, and Brazil is on the cusp of massive political change. Estela is a high school woman preparing to travel to California to visit her uncle, who is a music journalist and pop-culture connoisseur. She focuses on keeping up her grades to go on her trip while navigating romance, sex and social pressures. But when Estela’s uncle suddenly returns to Brazil sickly thin and pale, intending to get his things in order, the family’s quiet mourning hints at the nascent AIDS epidemic of the ’80s.

New York: April 13 - 24. Full lineup and details here.

Earlier Event: April 9
Later Event: April 13