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El Club

El Club takes place in the somewhat remote coastal village of La Boca Navidad (Chile) where a house of secret guests exists: they are either child molesters, baby snatchers, or were active supporters of Pinochet, and they were all priests. They have all been excommunicated from the Catholic Church for their crimes and sent away to this house as not to harm the Church's image instead of being put in the public eye and then thrown in jail. The house is quarterbacked by a nun who also suffered a similar fate as her house guests.
One day, a new guest comes to join them, only to be eventually tracked down by a former altar boy who shouted claims of constant abuse from outside the house for him to hear. Not long after, we learn that these claims are true, and the reaction sets off a further investigation into the requirement for the house and the livelihood of the guests who reside there.

Chicago: April 29 - May 5 at the Siskel Film Center.