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For Cecelia Fernandez, moving her family to a beautiful home in the Long Island suburbs feels like she's finally achieved the "American Dream." But when her youngest son, Cameron, starts cutting class, acting out, and using heroin, ever-optimistic Cecelia begins to feel helpless and unable to juggle the demands of her personal and professional lives. Cecelia's teaching career falters, and her relationships with her husband and other boys become strained. Meanwhile, her second son, Sam, starts chronicling his brother's descent into heroin addiction and the family story in a novel, using writing as a coping mechanism to deal with the chaos and stress. Despite all of the family's and Cecelia's efforts, Cameron finds himself completely in over his head in the world of drug trafficking, finally making a fatal mistake and bringing down the wrath of one of Long Island's biggest drug kingpins. Cecelia, unable to cope, must take matters into her own hands.

Los Angeles: Opens Nov. 25 at the Downtown Independent.

Earlier Event: November 25
Cien años de perdón