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19th Brazilian Film Festival of Miami

The Brazilian Film Festival of Miami returns for its 19th year in September.  A couple highlights:

A Estrada 47 (Road 47)
Italy, 1944. During the World War II, minesweeping platoon is hit by a panic-attack. Desperate cold and hungry, the ill-prepared soldiers have to choose between facing military court or delve deeper into enemy lines. They decide to save their faces with the Brazilian Army by tackling a daring military objective: to disarm the most feared minefield in Italy. They ended up meeting two others deserters, a remorseful Italian soldier trying to join the Partigianos and a German officer who is just tired of war. With the help from their former-enemies, the soldiers will try to succeed in this new mission.

In Between
Plane. Storm. The flight is diverted and lands in some random city. The passengers are taken to an airport hotel. It’s night. Amanda is a young advertising executive from São Paulo, successful, plugged in. Bruno is a carioca artist, still a little lost, without a defined professional path. He is one of those 30-year-old guys who live life as he was in his 20’s. On this night, at this out of the way hotel, they meet and spend the night together. The next day, each will go their separate ways. But Bruno goes after her. And so begins a love story full of conflicts and differences, of a woman who is afraid of loving and a guy who is willing to really go for it. A story full of affinities and divergences. “In Between” is a movie about two young people who have to become adults, but are afraid of losing themselves along the way.

Casa Grande and Que Horas Ela Volta? are also playing.

Miami: Sept 12 - 19. Full line up and details on their website.