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The Wolfpack

The Angulos are a Peruvian-American family with seven long-haired children — six boys and one girl, ages 16-24 — whose names are culled from ancient Sanskrit and who have been homeschooled by their mother and forbidden from leaving their apartment by their withdrawn Hare Krishna father. However, no restrictions have been placed on the children’s movie-watching diets, and the six brothers have not only grown to become die-hard cinephiles, they also collaborate on elaborate, meticulously staged remakes of their favorite films. Their love for movies signals a long-suppressed desire to engage with the outside world — but how do you reconnect with society when the inside of your apartment and your vast DVD collection is all you’ve ever known? Moselle enjoys a tremendous degree of access to the Angulo brothers, who have managed to become sensitive, passionate, and surprisingly self-conscious people eager to bridge the gap between the world they’ve invented for themselves and the great outdoors.

Albuquerque: Sept. 8 - 11 at the Guild Cinema.
Portland, OR: Playing now at The Laurelhurst Theater.

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Earlier Event: August 27
Later Event: September 2
Ciudad Delirio