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Contemporáneos. Spanish Cinema Today

A weekly program presenting six recent films from Spain. A couple highlights:

Diamantes Negros  (Black Diamonds)
May 20
Diamantes Negros stars 2 Malian boys, Setigui Diallo and Hamidou Samaké, and laments what it calls the trafficking of African children to Europe to play football, comparing it to the transatlantic slave trade. The two young men are convinced by scouts/agents of the riches that await them in Europe, but it doesn't take long for those dreams to become nightmares. Cut off from their families and friends, the challenges they face are even heavier burdens to carry.

La Herida (Wounded)
June 17
Ana is 28. She feels useful and satisfied in her routine work helping others. Nevertheless, outside of her working day, Ana has serious problems relating to people. She is socially awkward and even aggressive towards those people closest to her and whom she loves. Ana can't control this behaviour or her emotions, so she suffers constantly and feels tormented and guilty. She is unaware that she suffers from what psychiatrists call Borderline Personality Disorder.

New York: May 6 - June 17. Full lineup and details here.

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