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Sounds Like Music: The Films of Martín Rejtman

Hailed as one of the founding fathers of New Argentine Cinema, the series puts a spotlight on Martin Rejtman's illustrious 28-year career starting with his 1992 debut feature Rapado. The offbeat comedy, which he wrote and directed, single-handedly revitalized Argentine narrative film in the 1990s and established a break from the politically oriented films that characterized Argentine cinema.   The retrospective will present the films Rapado (1992), Silvia Prieto (1999),  Los guantes mágicos, (The Magic Gloves, 2003), Copacabana (2006), Entrenamiento elemental para actores (Elementary Training for Actors, co-directed with Federico León, 2009), and the short film Doli vuelve a casa (Doli Goes Home, 1986).

Rejtman's latest film, Dos Disparos, is playing concurrently.

Silvia Prieto (1999)
Silvia Prieto sells soap to passersby in busy city squares, pores over phone books to find women who share her name, and won’t concede to settle down with either of the boyish men in her orbit. Rejtman’s radiant second feature, which follows Silvia (played by the singer Rosario Bléfari) for a short stretch of her life in Buenos Aires, is a comedy of details—the statue that supposedly resembles Silvia and passes from owner to owner; the blazer Silvia permanently borrows from a wealthy male admirer; the chicken she buys every night—and occasional, quiet epiphanies.

New York: May 13 - 19 at Film Society of Lincoln Center.

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Dos Disparos (Two Shots Fired)
Later Event: May 15
El crítico (The Film Critic)