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Bigas Luna Tribute

Bigas Luna was an acclaimed Spanish director who luanced the careers of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem. His daughter, Betty Bigas, curated this retrospective.

Featured films:

 March 6, 7:00pm  Jamon Jamón (Ham, Ham)
A modern classic of Spanish cinema starring Javier Bardem, Jordi Mollà and, in her debut film, Penélope Cruz, Jamón Jamón is seared into cinema history as much for its image of Cruz taking shelter from a storm under a testicle she has ripped from a giant billboard bull, as for rival lovers Bardem and Mollà squaring off, each armed with legs cured ham.

March 7, 7:00pm  Huevos de Oro (Golden Balls)
Benito González works construction in Melilla and dreams big – of building the tallest building in Benidorm, a great phallic symbol of power, González Towers. Over several years, we see Benito’s rise and fall, much like the construction of his tower. 

March 7, 9:30pm  La Teta y la Luna (The Tit and the Moon)
eautiful, playful, innocent, funny, endearing. Nine-year-old Tete (Duran) has a problem any older brother can relate to; the family’s new arrival has replaced him at his mother’s breast. He must invoke the moon for a new tit to call his own.  Cue the entrance of Estrellita, an imposing Gallic cabaret performer.

March 8, 7:00pm  Angustia (Anguish)
After being hypnotized by his bizarre mother, a man goes on a brutal killing spree complete with telepathic commands from mom to carve the eyeballs from his victims. But just when you think you’ve seen it all, comes the most shocking twist imaginable.

San Francisco: March 6 - 8 at the Roxie.

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