May Sumak! Quichwa Film Showcase

May Sumak: Quichwa Film Showcase is an event series featuring three days of Quechua/Kichwa film screenings and discussions throughout New York City (Manhattan, Bronx, & Queens).  It ends with a concert on Saturday afternoon.

One of the highlights is:

Killa, Directed by Alberto Muenala (Kichwa) of Runacinema.

Filmmaking history and drama converge in Killa — the first-ever feature length film produced by indigenous Kichwa peoples — to recreate their community’s struggles against institutional racism, government corruption, and historic betrayal. Runacinema is a collective composed of Kichwa filmmakers whose various talents and skill levels combine to depict Ecuador’s diversity through the eyes of its multicultural communities. By sharing resources, learning from one another, and creating culturally relevant works, the collective is a model for community-centered media initiatives.

New York: March 26 - 28. Full details here.