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Kid Cinema Fest

New York's Kid Cinema Fest presents several films from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico.  A couple highlights:

La Formula del Dr. Funes, Mexico
Martin Poyo, 11, looks through his telescope to witness old doctor Funes' discovery of the youth formula. The old man wants to be young again to play soccer and seduce young girls; but the formula fails, and he turns into a young orphan child who befriends Martin and invades his home. Both friends use the formula to turn adults into children; sometimes out of mischief, sometimes to get rid of Doctor Moebius, who envies the formula and wants to become a young man.

O Menino e o Mundo (The Boy and the World), Brazil
The award winning children’s film The Boy and the World is unlike any animated film you’ve ever seen. Set in a sparsely-drawn world full of sparkling color and stark white, the story of a cute little round-headed boy on a quest to reunite his parents plays out on a visually arresting canvas filled with strangely stunning sights and exuberant music that ranges from Brazilian Samba to hiphop. 

Earlier Event: October 22
Later Event: October 24
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