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Seattle Latino Film Festival

Seattle Latino Film Festival returns this October. A couple highlights:

El Jeremías (Jeremy)
El Jeremías is a story of an extremely bright little boy, who is also a misfit. After he finds out he is a genius, he struggles to succeed despite the ignorance and poverty of his family. Being only an 8-year-old boy, he has to anticipate the most difficult decision of his life: What does he want to be when he grows up?

La  voz en off  (Voice Off)
Sofia, 35, lives in Valdivia. She’s beautiful, vegan, and has two kids she loves, but still everything seems to go wrong. In need of peace since her recent separation from her husband, she decides to take a reversed veil of silence: no more cell phone, TV, Internet or reading for a year. But she doesn’t find peace. Following her example, her father leaves her mother. Her nasty sister comes back to Chile, and her children become obsessed by meat. And, Sofia discovers a disturbing secret about her dad.

Seattle: Oct. 2 - 11. More details on their website.