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Cine Cubano

New Orleans Film Festival is hosting a special program, Cine Cubano, of contemporary Cuban films. A couple highlights:

Hotel Nueva Isla
As a formerly luxurious Havana resort crumbles to pieces, an old man lives among the ruins as its sole resident. He carries on a romance with a woman, teaches a little girl the alphabet and gives medicine to an injured neighbor, but spends most of his time on a far more unusual occupation. He systematically tears apart his own home, breaking through ceilings, smashing walls and digging through floors, all on a hunt for a treasure whose nature remains unknown to the viewer (and perhaps even to the searcher himself). Mostly eschewing dialogue, this meditative film focuses on the sights, sounds and atmosphere of the dying building, as the noise of the old man’s destructive efforts resounds through the empty rooms. 

La Noche Buena (The Good Night)
A young American alienates himself after trying to connect with a distant family acquaintance in Cuba.

Earlier Event: October 13
AWATICUNAS (The Grandmothers of Memory)
Later Event: October 16
Mi America