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Sundance Film Festival

The 2015 edition of Sundance offers several new Latin American and U.S. Latino films: U.S. docs Cartel Land and Western; Chilean director Sebastián Silva's latest, Nasty Baby;  The Strongest Man, an American drama about a Cuban who believes he's the strongest man in the world; Peruvian director Claudia Llosa's latest film, Aloft; and Argentinian smash comedy Relatos Salvajes (Wild Tales)

More highlights:

Que horas ela volta? (The Second Mother)
São Paulo housekeeper Val works tirelessly and loyally for her employers, taking loving care of their teenaged son.  But when her clever daughter arrives from the provinces to take a college entrance exam, the delicate balance of the household is disrupted.

Que viva la música (Liveforever)
Inspired by a 1977 novel by Andres Caicedo, Que viva la música follows a teenage girl as she leaves her upper-class world and discovers another side of life.

Park City, Utah: Jan. 22 - Feb. 1. The full schedule is here.