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El verano de los peces voladores (Summer of Flying Fish)

In Marcela Said's subtly ominous coming-of-age story, a girl comes to realize her rich family’s idyllic Chilean life of leisure on a misty hot springs ranch is deeply flawed. She’s old enough not just to see her parents’ imminent marital breakdown, but more important, the indigenous Mapuche’s growing intolerance of the moneyed elites on their land. Building a powerful sense of creeping dread and imminent disaster, the film is full of arresting images — ghostly morning mist, lapping waves, armies of moths, steam-shrouded hot springs — in addition to messages about class and entitlement. 

San Diego: Feb. 6 - 12 at Digital Gym.

Earlier Event: February 5
McFarland, USA
Later Event: February 6
Cinema Tropical Festival