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After years of directing big-budget Hollywood fare, the Iron Man helmer Jon Favreau is returning to his indie roots. Favreau not only wrote and directed the foodie comedy but also stars as Carl, an emotional chef who loses his restaurant job and buys a food truck in an attempt to revive his career.

Sofia Vergara plays his ex-wife in a role that has been a long time coming. Finally, we get to see her play a character that is smart, beautiful and successful but isn’t sexualized and where Vergara doesn’t exaggerate her accent. The cast also includes funny man John Leguizamo alongside Scarlett Johansson, Bobby Cannavale, Dustin Hoffman and Robert Downey Jr. At an advance screening, Favreau said he was inspired by the Latino culture that exists in America’s kitchens and wanted to celebrate it. His movie absolutely does that in a way that isn’t forced and is authentic without resorting to stereotypes. It’s funny, heartwarming and filled with amazing food and music. You absolutely need to check it out 

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