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Iberoamérican Images: The State of the Art - A MoMA Series

For just over 15 years, Ibermedia has been instrumental in the continued ascent of Latin American, Spanish, and Portuguese filmmaking. The intergovernmental Ibermedia organization began with seven member countries; today films from over 20 member countries appear on festival schedules and in cinemas the world over.

MoMA’s fourth biannual Ibermedia program is particularly rich, with a number of films that have U.S. distribution and/or a healthy festival run behind them, and a treasure trove of films by filmmakers who seldom get the opportunity to show their work in the U.S. Mercedes Moncada Rodríques’s stunning, heartbreaking Magic Words (Breaking a Spell), which opens the festival with a weeklong run, is perhaps her most accomplished yet.

Films by promising new talents from Uruguay, Cuba, and Colombia, among others, appear alongside work by seasoned filmmakers like Brazil’s Lúcia Murat, capturing a stirring picture of the state of the medium today, in all its variety and splendor. 

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