Who We Are


Sarah Bingham Miller


Sarah Bingham Miller’s interest in film began as a graduate student studying Soviet avant-garde film. She’s been involved with Latin American film since 1999, when she began working with a New York-based Latin American film festival. It was her experience promoting this festival that led her to collaborate with Vanessa Erazo in creating Cinelandia, with the aim of providing a nationwide platform for fans and scholars of Latin American film.


Vanessa Erazo


Vanessa Erazo has always been a big film fan. Growing up bilingual, she eventually discovered the rich variety of Latin American films but noticed they were hard to find. The search for these movies led her to work for several Latino film festivals in San Francisco, New York, and Mexico City. After receiving a Masters Degree in Latin American Studies from New York University, she served as the Documentary Programmer at the New York International Latino Film Festival and now acts as the Film Editor for Remezcla. She is also the co-creator of LatinoBuzza weekly column on Indiewire where she covers Latino indie films. Together with Sarah Bingham Miller, she created Cinelandia to further promote the films she loves.