7 Easy Ways to Promote Your Latino Film Screening

Completing a feature film is an enormous feat that can leave any normal human being exhausted. But even after your shoot has wrapped, there's still work to be done. In order to ensure the movie you spent years making, that you poured your heart and soul into gets seen -- you need to step in and take charge of the promo. 

For a filmmaker planning for a big release, it's best to hire a publicist who can create an impactful PR strategy and nab some positive reviews in publications with a large readership. But, we know that paying for a press rep doesn't always fit into your indie budget.

We put together a list of seven easy steps you can take to promote your screening that won't break the bank. It's advice based on the specialized knowledge we've acquired while working for Latino and Latin American film festivals in San Francisco, New York, and Mexico City, and while helping Latino movies reach audiences on Cinelandia.

Read our blog post on the website of the National Association of Latino Independent Producers.